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478 acres of contiguous oceanfront property in Samana, ready for development.



But forget size and think scenery and outlook. Because in addition to spacious magnitude this last-of-its-kind site gives you gorgeous mountain views and sweeping ocean vistas in profusion!

    Still, gorgeous and views and sweeping vistas don't mean much if you can't get to them, so you should also think accessibility: So go ahead and ask yourself, "How can I get there from here?" Well, in this instance the answer is easy, because this choice acreage is located smack-dab adjacent to a major highway. All it is waiting for is the creation of an infrastructure to turn it into a return-on-investment of the first magnitude. That shouldn't be too hard to do, because you can hardly find parcels like this anywhere, let alone in the DR!

    In addition to the size and lush tropical environment of this property the new road from Santo Domingo to the Samana peninsula is complete. Water works to nearby Playa Rincon are nearly complete. The El Catey international airport 45 minutes away from Samana is open for business and is the largest and newest facility in the Caribbean. In addition over 100 cruise ship dockings in the city of Samana have already commenced making this the hottest up and coming destination in the Caribbean.

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